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Sunday, June 19, 2011


As of recent, quite a few things have taken place from my car's harmonic balancer going out, to a guy at the bar that I work with calling me an Uncle Tom (needless to say I called him an ignorant motherfucker right back which almost led to fighting), to really just being in my apartment by myself.  My roommate is in New York and I'm in the process of moving in with my girlfriend and I'm also job hunting...AGAIN!  My job is really not paying enough for me to live comfortably but I still like being a server.  The food service industry is trying at times, but its flexible and pays well outside of where I work at.  Going back a week, my vacation in South Carolina was great.  It was much needed and I enjoyed being out and a part of nature with my family.  Even the late nights trying to learn how to play Bid Wiz from my grandma (who never really put together a consistent set of rules) was fun.  It gave me company, and people to just sit down and talk to.  I've started working out consistently again, so I do feel good about my mornings and feel proactive about my days, so now all I'm really doing is waiting.  The only problem with waiting...a lot of the times I wait by my self.

From this I can say I'm learning.  I'm learning some sort of patience, and figuring things out about my personality, my art, and seeing things in life and doing them by myself.  I was always one to need a second opinion, but now, the isolation forces decisions.

I've also been considering where I want to take my graduate studies.  I'm 80(something)% on Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta, so really its just time to buckle down even more and continue to get my portfolio together.  I've started working on a series of 13" x 13" panels paintings goings strictly abstract.  Using litho crayons, charcoal, paint, gel mediums, I have been just experimenting with gesture and space.  How many I will do I'm not sure, but that will come in time.  So far I only have 2.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Urban Sketchers: Ai Weiwei at the Lisson Gallery, London

Urban Sketchers: Ai Weiwei at the Lisson Gallery, London: "The leading Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been held by the Chinese authorities without charge for more than two months now. He w..."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Good Read on Basquiat...(I had to scan it in)

Needed Space..working in square canvas/ panel

I've read so much recently...just really getting into the grit of my undergraduate college career as an artist and have really been moved by the concept that the process of art making is as simple as addition and subtraction.  Its mark making and the rendering of my subconscious and worldly issues, experiences, and thoughts on panel.  Its the window into my life, my soul.  I've decided that here on out I will work in square format.  It removed the automatic decision of my audience that my work should be horizontal or vertical.  I am really working at allowing the viewer to feel as though he or she can reach into or walk into the window of my mind.  I've been moved by the work of Hyunmee Lee and Jean-Michele Basquiat, hence the square format and mark making aspect and the freedom to make marks in an almost childish way and resort to works and phrases also.  I feel as though I am really growing as an artist, and as a result of the meditative experience, I am growing as an individual.  My REALM series has really been growing, or should I say, evolving and becoming stronger in my effort to put myself in my work. 

"Realm 3 (Premature Autopsy)
D.LAMAR 2011
48" x 48"