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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You've seen it before...just not in Black and White

My newest work completed today,
"Ebony Throne"
D.Lamar 2010

PULSE at the Lowe Gallery ATL

I hate that I will be out of town the week before this event, I'm supposed to be helping to set up for it, but I will try to be in attendance for the show if possible.

The office...s

During the first week of my internship at the Bill Lowe Gallery, I had to make a delivery of the works of Hyunmee Lee to an office building space there.  I had never seen so much quality in one abstract piece as I did hers, but the colors, shapes, and forms are all cohesive and simple.  Reading about the artists works of course gave me further insight about the artistic process that not only her, but I feel like most artists go through while producing.

The gallery has done very well from this artist as is visa versa from what I understand, but this is my motivation to really conquer a work and push to really engage the viewer.  

Blah with No Feelings

I just feel like nothing is really pulling my to work...I have a work in progress but I'm getting the feeling I've left it to the wolves...better go save it!!!

The Happening on the Beltline...Again

In Public Art News, the LBGT art installation on BeltLine vandalized...again.  Read in Creative Loafing and Project Q reports,

"For the second time since Art on the BeltLine pieces premiered back in May, some little bastards have vandalized Larry Jens Anderson's installation "Locked Out". This time, the damage is bad.
The piece, which is located on a part of the BeltLine in Midtown above North Avenue near City Hall East, is composed of five white doors, each labeled with child, mother, father or friend of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The piece also incorporates parts of the Declaration of Independence."
Further explaination of the piece can be found within the article, but that was the only piece damaged in the area....Homie got a Hater!!!