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Friday, April 22, 2011

Recollections and Review

Recently I have been having a lot of dreams involving my family and friends, more so lost memories.  I had a dream the other day where I go a chance to go back in time and speak with my mother who passed away when I was 12.  All the while, I conversed and got to see her from other peoples' perspectives and also remembered asking her questions about how she raised me as a baby.  I don't remember any of the questions, but the majority of the imagery in the dream is still very vivid now.  I even saw my old neighbor, someone who was like an aunt to me, as she warned me of the dangers of crossing the street and not looking both ways.  Ironcally, my grandmother just spoke with her a few days ago.  This dream really fueled 2 pieces I just completed in sculpture and design 2 class.  At first I was a little skeptical about them because they were sort of rushed, but now that they are complete and have been seen by others, their opinions and commentaries on the pieces put me at ease.  Its funny how my mind works and how a simple opinion can make or break an attitude. 

A lot of my inspiration has been coming from the works of figurative and abstract artists like Harry Ally, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Manuel Neri, but still stemming from lost memories, patterns that really interest me, and relationships lost.  I feel that by me addressing these issues head on in my paintings and sculptures, I am getting closer the peace and clarity that I know is still not going to be attained until I move on from this PLACE in my life.  By PLACE, I am giving no set location, but really just a short/brief period of my life.  There is still a lot of uncertainty and fog that lingers and I know I just have to keep moving through it to find an alternate path.  I guess its just a part of growing up.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Since Sunday I have been really working on quite a few projects for people; many of which I have NO interest in tagging my name on to.  Its hitting me that this lifestyle choice of mines does include projects for people that may not be highly favored on my end, but hey, honestly...I need the money.  Things are tight around here, but ideas are still in abundance for my own projects.  I'm just really bogged down and yes it is wearing on me one day at a time....but once its all over, I can really sit down and finish the semester off. 

Right now though, I have to get these sketches done and my model (Tanisha) is not here so guess what that means.......SELF PORTRAiT NIGHT WITH GRAPHITE!!! YAY!!!!