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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recap on Studio Clout artist openings....

Quite frankly I drove down to Walker St. ATL looking for a crowd....a very large crowd at that.  Instead, I found a large space, minimal attendants, but a first floor at the Studio Clout Fine Art gallery that was content with very strategically placed figurative sculptures of Brent Harris.  In my personal opinion, the room was very well attended.  I was very impressed with the bronze figures, and they took a strong favor to the works of Alberto Giacometti; both having very exaggerated features, especially in the arms and legs and facial features.  He had that whole, "signs of the artist hand" thing that I really like going on....

Now, going upstairs to the gallery of Meshu Mokitimi, I had the privilege of seeing has drawings and paintings, mainly oil, charcoal, pencil, and COLOR PENCIL (something I haven't seen in a while).  Lets cut to the chase, some good, some not so favored, but experienced in his craft nonetheless.  Mokitimi is from Lesotho, Africa and is a very prominant historical figure of his native country.  He is a visual artist of course but also a political activist in South Africa.  Thats all fine and dandy, but I felt like some of his works could have shown a little more expression and it would have sealed the deal for me.  The African vibe was captured excellently, and many of the works, hell ALL of the works were handled very delicately and skillfully, but there was still some information that I per se was not getting.  All in all, it doesn't matter what I say, DENZEL and BILL CLINTON got enough information from the work to buy it..enough said!

Eventful day for artists in Castleberry Hill Art District/ Murakami in Versailles

OK OK OK..I've been hearing the hype, I've been reading the blog updates, REALLY getting the tweets, so of course you know I am going to go to the gallery openings of both artists Meshu Mokitimi and Brent Harris at Studio Clout Fine Art Gallery.  Now if I am not mistaken, these artists are both very well known in not just Atlanta, but nationally and internationally, with Mokitimi work being collected by the American Gangster himself, Denzel Washington.  So forget the hype, whats good with the show! I'll find out myself....YEZZIR!

Now, I may be a little late on this, but I forgot to post this earlier this week.  The great anime/manga inspired contemporary artist (whos works reach prices I don't think I can count to) Takashi Murakami will have a number of works displayed in the great city of VERSAILLES!!  Yes, you know that place that was built real elaborate, a lot of artsy type work, a lot of gold, this party happy family of King Louis XIV, stuff like that..anyways check it out...

If you need a quick example of Murakami works and you can afford the big stuff, just go buy a copy of Kanye West Graduation album at you local CD store, or itunes.  No you can't download it; that defeats the purpose of looking at the album ART.