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Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving on to an actual website

I finally got myself together and just decided to create an actual website.  I'm assuming it will be up and partially running within 48 hours, so my content will be transferred there.  So here goes,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Realm 4 (Recovery)"

"Realm 4 (Recovery)"
D.LAMAR 2011

This piece was probably the most obscure piece to me as far as really bringing together thoughts and feelings. It happened at the right time though, thus forcing it be become most reflective of my feelings about KARMA and the natural cycle of life, spirit, and situations.  This place in my life has show to be a bit more of a roller coaster than usual, but I caught this painting on the upswing, the time when I felt like everything that was moving away was bound to come back together.  I was reading an article on Cy Twombly (R.I.P.) and found a statement that I have been concerning myself with through my paintings, and its been recurring.  I found in Twombly's paintings, Basquiats paintings, and paintings, there is a discussion about the existential nature of the human condition.  This meaning that situations, feelings, emotions, and outcomes will continue to exist, and there is simply no way around them.  Things happen for a reason, and life cycles itself time and time again.   From Twombly, to Basquiat, and regretfully, I forgot to mention Hyunmee Lee, I am continuing my education on this recurring theme.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The day brings something new

A few hours ago, I was just chilling and hanging out with good friends/artists Cameron Malphrus and Kris Letlow.  It was cool just to sit and converse with them on life, art, art in Albany, and more.  One thing led to another and me and Cam are now working on some collaboration projects.  No real direction, just seeing how things go and what can be done.  And in his words, "I think of things that are random, but they fit".