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Saturday, December 11, 2010

.Finding Out.

Just a quick question.

I think its very funny how quickly perceptions formulate as soon as 2 individuals come into contact with one another.  By contact I mean verbal, physical, and even just mental awareness that the other is there. The other day I was sitting with my girlfriend when she let me know that a certain young lady did not like me, not even 24 hours after meeting her.

She said that I was "trying her" and was apparently ready to "square up" (in my words to the young lady)

Needless to say I had no clue. In my efforts to open the door to someone who I had never met, I unleashed a few harmless jokes that led to the girl not liking me.

In the conversation that followed with my girlfriend, I was told that the people in my local environment generally do not take well to that kind of approach because I "came on too strong".  My question is...

What is it about these people "in my local environment" (school)
What makes them tick?

I feel like Leaking a Little

I really like this flyer design, I did it myself.
As far as the title goes
..........when the time comes..........