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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Its been 2 days after the show now and I am still HIGHLY EXCITED about the SUCCESS of my first SOLO show.  The setting and place was great, the turnout was great, and I had the support of my family, friends, and even made new contacts; very influential contacts at that!  I had PHI MU ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC come and play improv jazz throughout the night and the bar was open.  The lighting was a little off, but still did not take away from a great showcase.  Everyone enjoyed my work and I sold THE NI-NI SERIES!!!! The sculpture looked great and BELLADONNA had representation as well.  Although the night before I hadn't slept and was super nervous about the show, everything worked out for the best.  Arthur/Sylvia Berry came out, Arthur being a great artist and Sylvia being his wife and both known collectors of fine work.  Dr. Everette J. Freeman (President of Albany State University) made an appearance as well and MANY other great members of the Albany Arts Council and surrounding communities.  Overall, I was shocked that it went so well and look forward to doing bigger and better shows in the NEAR future.

I also sold the "Ni-Ni Series".  All 4 paintings were sold as a set to my cousin Alisha who insisted that she buy them full price.  I have to make some calls back now, send out the thank you cards, and