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Artist Statement

"Art circles my life, so I want to emulate life in my art".  Durrell Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in the South metro-Atlanta city of Riverdale, Georgia.  At an early age, he started with small tracings and drawings of action figures and toys, not knowing that these actions would be the birth of his love for the figure.  He has alway been involved in programs from elementary to high school, graduating Landmark Christian High School.  Currently he is working on completing his BFA in Fine Art at Albany State University.  In the spring semester of his sophomore year, Durrell placed 2nd in painting in the Emerging Artists Exhibition in Albany, Ga for his rendering of the figure, and continues to move around the Atlanta area to display new works and newer techniques.

Durrell is inspired by women and the drama of the figure, and being taught under the influence of Pita Ohiwerei, a dear neighbor and friend.  From this, Durrell seeks to emulate this drama and life in his works, specifically figures, and enable the viewer to move deeper into the painting and acquire a peaceful connection with the subject and painting through an Impressionist style.  Durrell's paintings seek to help the viewer identify with the visuals and aesthetics of life.  Durrell believes that man has the primal urge to render and create those things in life and nature that are beautiful, so along with the figure, his works reflect texture and heavy emphasis on certain areas allowing the viewer to want to grab what is shown.  Viewing Durrell's works close show the heavy emphasis on texture and viewing the work from afar allows to viewer to fully comprehend the piece as a whole.