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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Depth of the "Ni-Ni" Series

I was told once before that people just don't live by a code of ethics and morals anymore and you shouldn't expect everyones motives to be genuine and wholesome.  This statement was the inspiration behind the "Ni-Ni" series.  Over the past few weeks I have certainly dealt with many trying situations, even to the point of showing my ass in front of a long line of people, pulling my girlfriend out of the club because of the lies of other disrespectful men who I thought at one point I could trust.  After many hours of mental breakdown and careful deliberation, I came to the conclusion that people are not born with evil intention, nor do they initially harbor them upon first approach.  I have realized that people allow themselves to be corrupted by their environment, their own selfish greed, and the disloyalty of other.  In essence, my view is that we live in a world of chaos and temptation, and many people are weak enough to feed into their own selfish hunger to be better than the rest, and will pull anyone back down if need be.  Prime example of the "crabs in a barrel" theory.  For me, I have been told that my wishful optimism of the world and all its flaws carry me into a very disillusioned state of mind and practice, singling myself out and making myself the "weakest link" among the mass monstrosity of the parasitic and the disdainful.  In short, I hope for the good in man when there is none left.  This theory weighed heavy enough on my heart that I was affected by the one person in my current environment who I still believe is upstanding, despite all flaws: my girlfriend.  I believe it is safe to say that sometimes she is very naive to certain aspect of people, and innocent in her current situation.  Thus, this inspired the "Ni-Ni" series.  I asked myself, how exactly is one individual, so innocent, naive, young, and beautiful corrupted by those things that surround them and are most common to their nature.  Individuals are corruted through gluttony, sexuality, and lust.  These three elements trigger the thirst for the things unattainable in life.  They drive men and women to do things that disregard respect, love, and emotion just to do what is right.  WE as human beings all suffer from one of these elements.  The question is, do you CARE to prevail?
The figures are white to symbolize purity, along with the image of a ballerina; a fluid, natural, free flowing figure that is known for youth a naive consciousness to the world around them.  As an answer to the question stated before, you use those three elements to corrupt the figure.  The outline of a tight, red dress and stiletto heels to clothe an innocent body with the chaos of the world around it.  This has been the most emotionally relevant series of works that I have done thus far.  I feel like I am really grasping the issues that I am posed with in my everyday life and that are relevant to the rest of the world.