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Monday, July 19, 2010


I did not go to the black arts festival.  Instead, I went to another opening this past Saturday.  Quite frankly, I left....not because the work was bad.  I was very impressed with that, but for the simple fact that I got my hopes up to meet the artist, not to ask him about his work, but to gain insight on what more could I do.  You never know until you ask right?  Yeah well lets just say some people aren't the most social creatures on the planet.  I get the feeling some artists really just choose not to work well with other artists.  Whatever I just won't post on that...honestly I got a little discouraged so again, I just walked out the gallery.
Well on another note, I did attend PULSE at the Bill Lowe Gallery and was highly impressed with artist Kimber Berry's works, especially the newest ones that I had not seen before.  She was a very vibrant and kind lady who was very inviting when Bill introduced me to her.  Along with all the Ciroc Red Berry that I had consumed, her works along with other artists were intoxicating and engaging.  Her "Liquid Landscape" Installation definitely left an impact, especially after she explained the ideas and concepts behind them.

I "Extra Larged" the picture just to emphasize how impressed I was...damn, why couldn't I be there to help install that show!?!